David LaBianca became a photographer over thirty years ago in the U.S. Air Force. Throughout his whole career he has been involved in journalism, starting with The Air Force Times and has also freelanced for The New York Times.
" As a journalist, you learn to size up a situation so you can put an understandable idea into a picture to tell a story."

Dave also does advertising, annual reports, and public relations photography. Dave's knowledge in so many areas of photography helps him solve the everyday challenges - bringing that extra twist of artistic design to every assignment.


" I'm always thinking of something new to try. I want more movement and action to draw attention to the picture. I want people to look at the picture and know everyone was having a great time, including the photographer !"

Dave loves working with people and will cover any event with the highest degree of photographic skill and enthusiasm until the job is complete. The pictures on this website show only a tiny amount of what Dave knows about photography, how hard he works, and how much he cares about his chosen profession.


Wedding services are contoured to the individual needs of the wedding couple. Dave works with an assistant who can also shoot.



    Dave will come in and set up to take individual and group photos at dress rehearsals. For allowing Dave to take these pictures, the recitals are photographed at no cost so you can use them for your promotional literature.


Dave spends a lot of time and energy getting the right pictures of people, whether it is in a corporate setting, for a model's portfolio, or some family pictures out in their backyard.

    Dave will come to your location with lighting and other necessary equipment to give you the desired results.


From the mail room to the boardroom Dave gets the desired results for your ads, brochures, and annual reports.  Some clients have included Sikorsky Aircraft, Nestles, Union Carbide, I.B.M., G.E., Kato Worldwide, King Industries, S&S Tobacco, Fleet Bank, and Chrysler Capital to name a few.

Dave is accustomed to a very demanding schedule with tight deadlines and work of the highest quality.

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Phone: 203-308-6461

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